Sunday, March 4, 2018

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference to be Held in Germany

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference to be Held in Germany
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference to be Held in Germany

A string of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference events throughout the year continues, with the tour making stops in Istanbul, Bangkok, Tallin, Tel Aviv and Kiev in March, before heading over to Germany's capital, Berlin, on April 4th.

The network of Blockchain and Bitcoin related events containing conferences, lectures and discussions on trends in the cryptocurrency world led by today's experts will host one of its largest events in Berlin. During the conference, members of the crypto community will be making acquaintances and finding future business partners, presenting their products, software solutions, exchange ideas and opinions. Also, some of the most promising projects and ideas will be supported and invested into by some of the world's biggest entrepreneurs!

The conference is organized by Smile-Expo, a company dedicated to the development of and researching cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICO. Some of the key topics that will be discussed during the event are the implementation of blockchain into business processes, analytics and forecasts of cryptocurrencies, and the legislation portion of the talk, concerning the experience and prospects. There will also be a part dedicated to ICO for startups and investors. At the conference, a number of the industry's leaders, developers, investors, financial experts, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and lawyers will all be making their appearance, weighing in with their knowledge on various topics.

Some of the speakers and topics will be: IBM Cloud's Rene Bostic's “The advancement of Blockchain Technology: From Concept to Implementation,” CEO Kambiz Djafari with “How Proof-of-Stake will affect the Crypto-sphere in 2018,” Minespider founder, Nathan Williams, with “How blockchain can impact supply chain due diligence,” SatoshiPay Founder and CEO, Meinhard Benn, with “Pocket change for the web” and so on, with an hour of panel discussion scheduled in the afternoon.

The conference will be taking off at 10 AM and will end at 6 PM CET


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