Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sports Betting In California By 2020?

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Sports Betting In California By 2020?
Sports Betting In California By 2020?

The state of California could legalize sports betting in 2020 according to an initiative that was proposed on Monday, June 11th by a political consultant of Cali card clubs. Mr. Russell Lowery said that the citizens of the Golden State will have an opportunity to express their opinion on a November ballot in two years including online and out-of-state gambling services, as well as sports leagues. The gaming industry has shown interest in a ballot and after a formal request, Lowery contacted the state attorney general’s office to assemble a title and formulate a possible initiative.

According to Lowery, two major aspects in betting on sports need to be taken seriously – consumer protection and revenue. The state could generate additional income from legal activity and the public could feel safer in a regulated gambling environment. Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to lift a federal ban on sports wagering, the state is entitled to propose a separate bill in the California Legislature. However, the talks have only just begun, and Lowery cannot reveal the identity of the gambling companies that have expressed interest in a ballot measure.

Meanwhile, republican gubernatorial candidate, John Cox, announced President Trump’s full support, as well as a campaign against Democrat, Gavin Newsom. The November general election is not going to be all about Trump, since he is viewed unfavorably in California. Still, Trump’s recent endorsement played a major role in Cox’s ability to consolidate the GOP vote and the candidate is now ready to redeem for the 2016 election, when he voted for Libertarian, Gary Johnson.

Newsom expressed his opinion on Monday night, while responding to Trump’s tweet, in which he congratulated Cox on his second-place finish. The Democrat has also asked the President to come to California and campaign for Cox as much as possible.


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