Monday, July 2, 2018

Thai Police Make 6,500 Illegal Gambling-Related Arrests During First Two Weeks of World Cup

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Thai Police Make 6,500 Illegal Gambling-Related Arrests During First Two Weeks of World Cup

Thai police have arrested more than 6,500 people on gambling-related charges since the start of the World Cup in mid-June. Of those arrested, 250 were found to have been involved in illegal provision of sports betting services.

Police have also confiscated more than THB28 million (approximately $844,645) during multiple gambling-related raids, local news outlets report citing information provided earlier today by police officers. It was also revealed that both multiple online betting sites and brick-and-mortar facilities have been found to have operated in the country without proper authorization.

Football has a massive following in Thailand which creates conditions and opportunities for a thriving betting industry. However, the provision of sports betting services is illegal under the Southeast Asian country’s Anti-Gambling Act. Engaging in such activities is also frowned upon in Thailand.

Thai police and military launched a joint clampdown on betting and gambling, as a whole, ahead of the World Cup to curb the expected rise in the number of people who would wager on football during the major sporting event as well as the expected rise in the number of illegal gambling operators targeting Thais.

Thai Deputy Police Chief Gen. Chalermkiat Sriworakarn told media that they are considering whether their temporary center for clamping down on illegal gambling should become a permanent operation. Thai authorities established the center in May ahead of the World Cup.

Police also pointed out that illegal betting oftentimes triggers other illegal activities such as drug trafficking and robbery as gamblers look for quick money to pay their debts and be able to wager again.

Instagram Beauties Land in Hot Water over Gambling Advertising

News broke late last month that a number social media celebrities, including Irish model Jessie Vard, were arrested for promoting illegal sports betting activities in Thailand.

Miss Vard said that she was contacted online by a person who paid her to promote their betting site. She further pointed out she was unaware that gambling and the promotion of gambling activities was prohibited in the country. According to different media reports, models could earn up to $11,500 per month for promoting betting websites during the World Cup.

Miss Vard apologized for her involvement in the betting scheme and urged young people to never get engaged in gambling. She was sentenced to one month in prison and ordered to pay a THB1,000 fine.

According to a recent study by the Research Center for Business and Social Development at Chulalongkorn University around 2.5 million Thais are betting on football. That accounts for 3.6% of the country’s population of nearly 69 million (World Bank: 2016). The report further finds that of those 2.5 million gamblers, 600,000 are estimated to be aged between 15 and 25. According to the study, mobile devices have facilitated access to illegal betting websites and have made the activity more widespread.

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