Thursday, August 16, 2018

Roaring 21 Adds Key Changes To The Lobby

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Roaring 21 Adds Key Changes To The Lobby
Roaring 21 Adds Key Changes To The Lobby

If you pay regular visits to our news section, perhaps an article from March might’ve caught your attention, since our announcements of new casinos simply cannot go unnoticed. Guess what, the casino’s name is Roaring 21 and they’re back with some slick refreshments to save the day!

The operator has spent countless hours working behind the scenes to implement the industry’s latest features into the platform and make the whole gaming experience even better for the players. Since the launch, Roaring 21 has come up with incredible ideas of presenting its gaming hub and what better way to perfect user experience than making key information more transparent and accessible?

One Click Cashier

Part of the newly implemented upgrades is the expandable menu above the game categories, easily accessible from the lobby. Okay, this isn’t something to brag about, but it is very important for the players, since the cashier is now available at just one click, making deposits faster and easier than ever before.

The feature is included in both desktop and mobile version of site, so there is no need to worry if you play on the go…

Also, redeeming an exclusive coupon has been simplified, as no copy/paste requests are included whatsoever. Due to an increased number of retyping errors, designers have come up with a solution that is good for both the players and the casino itself. Here’s how it works:

A player logs in and heads straight to the promotions page in the lobby. Upon opening, they will be presented with a list of all available coupons. With the help of a single click, they can easily select a preferred offer and activate it on spot. The interface will then bring down a menu “Deposit & Complete” giving the players an opportunity to make the purchase. In case a player wants to cancel the transaction and select another coupon, the menu will offer them a prompt.

Easy Access To Comp Points As Well

Comp points are now easily claimed by clicking the section in the expandable menu and launching a popup. Players are allowed to control the number of points they want to convert into cash and long navigating through options is no longer required. One more for the players!

All things considered, Roaring 21 is hurling towards better user experience with newly installed traits, and improving the way players interact is one of the key aspects of running a successful online casino. We wish them good luck!


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