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Visitor Numbers at MGM Springfield Exceed Expectations

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Visitor Numbers at MGM Springfield Exceed Expectations

The number of daily visitors at the recently opened MGM Springfield has been around 50,000 on average during weekends and approximately 25,000 on weekdays, which significantly exceeds expectations. Revenues have also been higher than initial projections, casino officials told state regulators.

MGM Springfield, a $960 million investment by MGM Resorts International, opened on August 24 as Massachusetts’ first commercial casino resort. Since its grand opening, which was marked by huge celebrations and music performances by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Dropkick Murphys, the resort is seeing a surprisingly large attendance, especially during weekends. Daily visitors are averaging 50,000, while the numbers are half during weekdays, MGM Springfield President Michael Mathis said last week at a meeting with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

According to him, the operator’s early projections were rather modest compared to the actual figures reported so far. The company had estimated that there would be between 15,000 and 20,000 visitors a day. In reality, around 25,000 on average visit the integrated casino resort on weekdays. Revenues are also showing great potential, although it is too early for conclusions as the casino opened less than a month ago. As expected, Mathis did not share specific figures.

During the Thursday meeting, casino officials also reassured the Gaming Commission that they the facility is complying with all regulations. As a result, the state regulator voted unanimously to grant MGM Springfield a permanent certificate of operations. Until now, it was operating under a temporary license. The state receives 25 percent of the gross gambling revenues generated by the 14-acre facility. According to earlier projections, MGM could earn around $500 million in winnings, which would translate to roughly $125,000 in taxes for the state. Still, there are no clear figures on the revenues generated so far.

New Policies to Keep Minors Off Casino Premises

All seems to be going well for the new casino resort. Several issues have been reported by the MGM Springfield, however, with underage access to the casino being the most serious one. There was a case when minors were discovered on the casino floor, which is a clear violation of Massachusetts law. The operator has, since then, taken steps to stop and prevent underage gambling, Mathis explains.

One of the measures states that individuals under the age of 16 will not be allowed at the facility if they are not accompanied by an adult. In addition, people under the age of 21 will not be able to enter the casino after midnight. The only exception is made for the guests at the resort who may be staying with their family members.

Of course, there are lots of non-gambling amenities at MGM Springfield that can be visited by both adults and youngsters. They include restaurants and retail stores, a bowling alley and a movie theater, slated for an opening very soon. The outdoor plaza is a popular venue for concerts, comedy performances, group yoga classes, etc. There is also a spa and fitness center with a swimming pool.

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